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work in regress (?) - 2011

A work in regression...
Or rather, a return : each performer revisits his own trajectory ; an intimate choreographic diary, autobiographical fragments, a selective work on memory, a public introspection.
It deals with the questions of apprenticeship, of assimilation, of training, of progression, of « how do we become who we are ? », of the way a performer becomes a performer : a mixture of personal effort and accidental encounters.
But it also tells of the downward slope of this learning curve : loss, stagnation, setbacks… regression.

La Rampe – La Ponatière, scène conventionnée, Echirolles (38) (dans le cadre de la résidence triennale de la compagnie épiderme) / Le Pacifique|CDC Grenoble
The Compagnie Epiderme is supported by the City of Grenoble, as well as the Isère General Council, the Rhône-Alpes Region and the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs of Rhône-Alpes.



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