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Ritournelle - 2004

Ritournelle - 2004

Ritournelle is about our domestic territories. How do we go through this archaic and primitive gesture of marking our territory in our everyday lives ? How is this gesture related to our animal nature, but also to our childhood ? Whatever the scale of our boundaries (a piece of rock or a whole country), they are what makes our habits our home ; our familiar gestures our family. It is with the help of these little innocuous actions that we set our touchstones, that we take the measure of the world around us, that we define our home. We mark our space, we stand out in time, through a rhythm, a ritual, a repeated ritournelle. The ritournelle, with its circular aspect, with its eternal recurrence, evokes the memory that is attached to our living spaces.

Production Cie épiderme, with the support of the City of Le Mans (72), of the Sarte General Council, and of The Fonderie au Mans (aide à la résidence), and of Triangle-plateau pour la danse à Rennes (35).


Choreography and scenography : Nicolas Hubert
Dance : Céline Kerrec, Nicolas Hubert
Live music : Sébastien Coste
Compote-machine électro-acoustique : Laurent Rousseau
Light creation : François Verron
Light control : Thierry Deschamps
Costumes : Julien Arnaud